The Nikon Selfie Stick Has Arrived


I first caught wind of the Nikon selfie stick in an article over at Popular Photography.  I guess they are currently being carried by Adorama as well as B & H Photo.  They’re not cheap though. They retail for right around $60. Is it just me or doesn’t sound weird to hear the name Nikon attached to a selfie stick?

It collapses down to about 7 1/4-inches and stands 28.5-inches long when extended. It weighs less than half a pound and can only support smaller cameras like compacts. They gave it a foam handle to make it easier to hold onto and a fixed pan-head so you can rotate the camera.

No doubt, some of you have already headed to the comments to talk about how much you hate “selfie sticks” but I don’t hold it against Nikon at all for making one. In fact, this one actually looks kind of nice. And if they want compact cameras to try and keep up with smartphones for casual users, this seems like a no-brainer for them.

You can read the original article over at Popular Photography

Source: Popular Photography

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