The Most Annoying Photographers EVER!!!


Are You Friends With  One Of These Kinds Of Photographers?

I know I am and, I’m personally one of them as well. Actually in today’s Facebook world full of smartphone everybody is a photographer. Maybe I’m not quite as bad as they portray this type of photographer but, I’m close.I had a really good laugh at myself watching this.


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I am usually with people who don’t understand why l take so many pictures, or why I want to take a picture. But, then, as we have all gotten older, they are glad l have the pictures that I have taken over the years.

Yeah. Amazing how that works. Almost as bad as the ‘don’t take my picture’…later on…’where’s my picture?’ guy.

Oh, the picture you DIDN’T want me to take? Oh, I deleted it. Sorry about that. :-/

Here – hold this camera for a minute – I just need to grab another body, super fast telephoto lens, 3 filters, lens hood, another strap, battery, memory card, shutter cable release, and a tripod plate then we can hike to the waterfall.

I got number 6, Photogs that repost other peoples work and do give them credit, but solely to get people to look at their page, because they have nothing original to post.

Being a Gear Nerd is ok as long as you have the right gear with you for what and where you are shooting and not the wrong gear. The funny thing is the lady in Gear Nerd is wearing wedge shoes. Not the best shoes for photographing and not the best for walking in the sand.

Nothing’s worse than needing a tripod when you made the decision to go without, or needing a macro lens for a nice, tight shot of a rare species of an albino ladybug. Chance favors the prepared.

Oh Yeah, I get to meet them almost every day. Teacher, chatters, copy cats, sell you their photos and the wanna be which wants to be at everyone of your photo events. But I also have been with photographers that are cool and we don’t bother each other on photo events. We sometimes share the difference between the camera brands.

yeah …. its even worse when YOur sister has you do the shots for her at Easter and doesn’t give you TIME to do them … and is rush rush rush UGH …

There are so many ads with “next page” arrows that it just isn’t worth it to try and figure out where to click. Speaking of clicks, it’s a darn shame that articles can’t just be on one page any longer. Click, click, click.. *sigh*

One of the worst experiences is working for someone who just bought their first camera and suddenly think they know more than you do…and they shoot only in Auto, somehow, screwing that up, too. I’ve been shooting since 1967, and they’ve been taking “snap shots” for about 2 weeks.

You forgot the photographer that does and shoots everything better than you. Everything they do is right and everything you do is wrong. I have one of those friends. Even my photos being picked up by a state travel magazine weren’t good enough for him. I call this photographer the photosnob.

My wife is a photography widow. And I do carry polarizing filters almost all the time. I do have Gary Fong’s lightsphere, but I use the puffer flash attachment far more often. The lightsphere sits in my “other” gear bag which spends 364 days out of 365 at home. Probably because I’m not a gearhead enough to have a good external flash in the first place.

But I do take way to damned many pictures.

Well … for some people. 🙂

This has to be one of the most annoying obnoxious webpages I have ever visited. Total complete garbage. Where do you click. The web has sunk to a new low. I don’t even care anymore. I am done clicking on these idiotic lists. Done.
I nominate this page as the most annoying webpage EVER!!! Bar none.

Cheers to that… this page has become so consumed in becoming click bait that they’ve forgotten that all we really want is to read the article. This one’s the worst, the article won’t even load because it’s so busy trying to pack along its leaches.

To me they’re the most annoying when their actually just being themselves. Constantly promoting their books and course,,,make me wonder if they actually have any real clients.

It is obvious that the makers of this, have NEVER-EVER-EVER shot at a high-profile skateboard competition.
There you will find the ABSOLUTE WORST PHOTOGRAPHERS on earth, surrounding the small handful of actual Professionals on the scene.

But no one is saying the one who has to get home to enter a contest or edit photos is a terribly annoying person? Because that girl’s role is only passed (probably just equally matched) by the talker..

A woman at a wedding I was shooting stood next to me for group shots, posed shots, all most everything with her little point and shoot Nikon. Then found she posted them the next day on the brides facebook page and the couple never ordered outside the package proof deal.

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