New Giant Telephoto Lenses are Affordable Sigma 150mm-600mm

Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3

Lately this lens seems to be the talk of the town

We have gotten a lot of comments from fans of our Facebook page and from users here on the website on how they’re chomping at the bit to get this lens. I must admit I’m really looking forward to taking this lens for a test drive myself.

I had an opportunity to test the new “Sport” version of the Sigma 150-600mm lens recently and get some initial impressions of the handling and performance of this new massive super-telephoto lens. Unfortunately, we were only able to hang on to this lens for the weekend, but our full SLRgear review will be coming shortly once we get the lens back in-house, so definitely keep a look out for that soon!

Handling & Build Quality

When I said “massive super-telephoto lens,” I meant it. This lens feels huge and heavy, and it’s probably the largest lens I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot with. The Sport version is also the larger, more professional-oriented of the two 150-600mm lenses and its optical design is comprised of a whopping 24 elements in 16 groups, including two “F” Low Dispersion and three Super-Low Dispersion glass elements. It’s also fully weather-sealed (unlike the Contemporary version that’s only sealed at the lens mount). Measuring in at over 11 inches long at 150mm, about five inches in diameter, and weighing in at around 6.3 pounds, this lens is far from your compact, vacation, travel-zoom. It’s a serious professional lens. (Oh, and the lens extends quite a bit when zooming out to 600mm, and the lens hood adds even more length!)

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Source: Imaging Resource
Image Source: Jonathan Nightingale


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