Must see- NOOB gets his first DSLR- Reality Check

Must see- NOOB gets his first DSLR- Reality Check

This Is Pretty Funny

Awww. It’s kind of cute when someone gets their first DSLR – and don’t get me wrong, I admit I was exactly like this when I got mine! I still remember that pretty little Canon EOS 1000D and it’s soΒ embarrassing now that I think about how I thought I suddenly became this superstar photographer…


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the 50mm 1:4 was nice, and on the Rebel T4i i had, was equivalent to the 80mm that is so nice for portraits. It had a very shallow DoF that was really good for butterflies on flowers, etc. The 24-105L is better suited to a f/f sensor body.

I put in a lot of work with my t2i and t3i when I got too a 5d I was a master. But don’t get twisted you can do a lot with a t2i I shot plenty of videos that you couldn’t even tell was shot with that little camera people mouths would drop when I showed up with it. Wish I would of kept it but it’s someone else’s blessing now

I took some great photos with a crop sensor as well. I still have my original as my back up. I’d have no problem doing a professional shoot with one in the case my full frame crapped out on me. I am thinking of ebaying it as the new mirrorless cameras are coming out full frame.

Really? Is that your only camera still? Like I love my camera, the only time I start feeling like i need something better is when someone with a really cool big camera comes around, or when I goto big events and my telephoto (kit) lens just seems useless. (Lol)

I took Christmas Photos of my son with my Nifty Fifty this year Daniel (My sons name is Daniel too). The 85mm f1.8 is a good lens too. If I break it or scratch it- no big deal.

That’s me and I love my T1i. I’m not trying to make a living with it though. Does what I need it to do. Helps preserve memories for family and friends.
Have a blessed 2015 all.

Just got my first DSLR a Canon 6D. I moved up from the Canon G2 which is a 4.0 Mega pixel, but the photo’s stand up quite well. Learning a whole new animal with the 6D, manual zoom etc…

Any advice on a GOOD DSLR system for the wife? She is a freelance photog and is torn between the Canon 5D and Nikon D… i personally like Canon, but never ventured past a T2i

I remember when I first got into photography, it wasn’t even a SLR, but a PnS, A canon S3, thought it was the best thing in the world. Then I finally got my entry level XTI and have gone up since then -but each time I was like “damn this thing is awesome!” Same with lenses.. then I always wanted more πŸ˜›

The photographer from Weekly Imogen uses a 550D and his photos are beautiful. πŸ™‚ I wish I could get the 5D mark something…Maybe a 6D???? a little more affordable.

I worked with many “professional” photographers that have big expensive cameras that know absolutely nothing when it comes to using it, so, they shoot on auto all the time

My first one was a Rebel Xsi, and I upgraded to a 5D3 this last year. Will never go to crop again. And I love how much bigger and heavier it is. Don’t know why people are so hyped about small mirrorless cameras.

Thant’s why noobs should stay with a 550 and not a 5D. Let real photographers, qualified photographers use the 5D’s. Waste of an article if you ask me.

Not exactly the best way to encourage people to want to get into photography. Thank God that there are many more professionals out there who are willing to help ‘NOOBs’ than there are wankers like Baisden Marc.

It was a bit of fun guys but it was also a fair lesson because it’s basically saying the two are far apart and it’s painfully obvious it is also saying master the art and the camera before spending a lot of cash on a pro camera because if you cannot master the basics, the 5D will be too much. It’s the same for guitar players, some will go and spend a fortune on a gibson Les Paul thinking their playing will improve when they’d be better off starting on a budget guitar

But you can run “P” mode :p
Totally agree with what your saying, I started with a 30d years back then jumped to a 1d mk3 and took me a long time to get a picture as good as I did with the 30d as it did allot more for you!

Exactly Chris. The video was funny but true in everything that it said. Going out buying a 5D mkIII will not net you great photos because the art and experience doesn’t come in the box with it. I’m using. Canon 550D and a few decent lenses but not L lenses but I’d like to upgrade one day when my skills justify it but paying Β£4000 for a pro camera body and lens is a lot of cash to part with when those skills are not yet polished and certainly a bad idea for those who have never left auto mode

I started with a 500d and learnt how to use it getting some great pix.. Now moved up to 70d with a couple of lenses to broaden my choices.. Loving it.. Would I get to use a pro camera if I’d got one? Not really a just an occasional shooter of everything from portraits to landscape to punk gigs.. Always learning.. Pic from 70d with 10-18mm

Better to learn the basics on a nice guitar ! Or camera for that matter! But it takes dedication! If your just trying to look cool with your expensive gear then, well……… Noob on!

If you’re good it don’t matter what camera you got ….
I have worked with guys who have Canon 1Dx and I shoot better with my T2i
I also have another model of Canon as well 7D but it doesn’t matter which camera I use..

I know how to pull a good photo.. So the gear doesn’t make you creative or able to pull a good shot..
This is a bullshit post that gets lames to spend a shit load of money on something they aren’t ready for…

Like telling a person who never rode a motorcycle to go buy a 1400cc Hyabusa…..
Fucking stupid article…

Depends what you mean by budget guitar?
Cheap & Nasty guitars you will have a hard time with learning. Poor action is where the downfall is on such , making it harder to play.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told professional photographers are going out of business. And I always tell them to look forward to paying $1,000 for their nephew to shoot their wedding with his first DSLR with the kit lens never once removed since purchase.

I’ll just keep doing what I do as my investment in photography keeps paying off time after time.

With the guitar analogy…. I believe learning to play on a shit guitar is better… Harder maybe, but learning the hard way is a lesson well learned…. plus you appreciate a decent axe when you get your fingers on it!

Suggest posts are like best friends you pay. You really don’t do anything cool, or have interesting things to say .. but if you have money, you just simply give it out, and it’s perceived as coolness .. when its just you .. buying friends … with money.

Suggest posts are like best friends you pay. You really don’t do anything cool, or have interesting things to say .. but if you have money, you just simply give it out, and it’s perceived as coolness .. when its just you .. buying friends … with money.

I still get the same results with the reality on my shots with my 5DM3…but with the power of light room and other editors, I will have those expectation shots. It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap DSLR or high pricey one.

That was me – first pic out of the camera was horrible! I had the lens set to manual and was clueless. I think I actually cried once thinking I blew so much money πŸ™‚ If I only knew how much $$ I’d spend on gear after I started to know what I was doing lol

i watch him alot on Youtube, he did an interesting series of videos where they gave pro photographers different types of toy cameras and they went around Hong Kong on photo shoots. He also reviews alot of cameras and lenses…Kai Wong – DigitalRev TV Presenter

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