Interactive Posing Guide lets you view poses from 360-Degrees.

Supermodel Coco Rocha and Photographer Steven Sebrin have teamed up to create a new book called “Study of Pose”. It’s 2000 pages with over 1000 poses. The part I really found interesting was that the photos were taken using 360-degree rig. The book has a companion app that allows you to rotate the poses to see them shape from any direction.

In attempting to document a thousand poses I learned a lot about my own method of modeling. I would be lying if I said I didn’t hit a few walls in the three days we shot this book,” Rocha added. “At times I felt I had nothing left to give, and it was then that Steven or my husband James would give me a new inspiration – ‘Grace Jones,’ ‘an old man,’ ‘Jessica Rabbit’ -and I would find an entirely new arsenal of moves. I took each suggestion and tried to emulate the spirit and energy of those various characters and personalities through my body, through a pose. What was Botticelli’s Venus’ next move? How would she allow her weight shift onto her right leg instead of the left? Often a pose wasn’t based on one influence alone but the combination of two or three. What would it look like if Marilyn Monroe and Bob Fosse fused bodies? How would that person move or act?

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