Don’t Promise Me Referrals Pay Me Cash!


Unfortunately, I think a lot of newer photographers fall prey to this because they are “building a portfolio”. I found this article over at The Phoblographer and it talks about these experiences with clients that many of us have in common. So next time someone asks you to work for free take some of these words to heart.

Exposure won’t put clothes on our backs, nor will it put food on our plates. The problem is, of course, exposure doesn’t mean anything. It’s a vague promise of results that may or may not happen. Exposure won’t butter my toast. It won’t fill my glass. It won’t pay my rent, put clothes on my back or food in my fridge. I can’t trust that the people who might see the picture will look for the name, that is if you even attached it to the picture. It’s highly unlikely they’ll type “John Doe photographer” into Google.

Here’s the thing: I want to work for you. I relish any opportunity to photograph, but my work has value, much in the same way any other service has value. That value is dolla billz , moolah, bucks, benjamins, skrilla, dough, clams. Trust me, I got the stuff, and if you want it, you need to have the money. Otherwise, no stuff.

A potential client’s unwillingness to pay isn’t a measure of your value, it’s a sign of their inherent lack of understanding of what photography is and what it entails.

To all potential clients, check please.

To hear the full rant you can read the orginal article over at The Phoblographer

Source: The Phoblographer

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Hi when i touch the button that auatlaoictlmy zooms out and then back in again when released, should it zoom all the way back out because mine only zooms out by about a third???cheers John

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