5 Simple Tips For A Fun High Speed Photography Project

5 Simple And Effective Tips For High Speed Photography

**PHOTOGRAPHERS** Try This At Home Project To Improve Your High Speed Photography Skills

If you’re a parent like me you know children love bubbles. My son Daniel is 19 months old and every time we open one of our kitchen cabinets he says “Bubbles, Bubbles” since that’s the one we keep the bubble soap in.

The point of that story is that I already have access to bubble soap. That’s why when I saw this article I was intrigued and I could have a little fun with Daniel at the same time. There’s nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

Digital Photography School posted this article that was written by photographer Richard Beech. Richard has been a stock photographer since 2009 and lives in England.

This is actually a great way to bring a little extra to all kinds of images. Bubbles are not great just for childrens photography or a special high speed photography project!


The skills you learn doing this exercise will be helpful for you, whatever type of photography you’re into.

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