4 Killer Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Photography Business

4 Killer Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Photography Business

These tips are valuable for anyone who wants to start earning money with their photography.

It may not happen overnight but the sooner you start following this advice, the better. Make sure your equipment is good enough to produce high quality images, and start improving your skills in every area of photography.


Try not to skip any legal requirements for conducting a photography business. You have competition, and even if they’re friendly, they won’t hesitate to put you out of business if that means getting a chunk for themselves. You’re on your own, so if anything goes wrong, no big corporation with expensive lawyers will have your back just to keep their image clean. Contracts, insurance, releases for models—get everything in order.


You won’t always have paying customers, but that shouldn’t stop you from working. Go out and photograph anything you can. Find important public events and notice your city, whether it’s architecture or street photography. Your home town has plenty of subjects you haven’t covered yet. Try conceptual photography if you feel tempted—experience fine art maybe. Anything you can photograph will be useful someday.


Always be in-the-know to what’s going on around you and in the world. Go to industry-related fairs and workshops, read blogs, buy books, and follow your competitors’ feeds. If someone is looking for a photographer in your area and you didn’t see the ad, you don’t get the job. It’s as simple as that. Information is power, but even more importantly in the freelancing world, information is money.


You’re scheduled to be there at 10am? Be there at 9.30am. You need to deliver 50 photos? Deliver 75. They expect decent photos? Deliver awesome photos. Make them talk good about you. Make them be your marketing agents.

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